SimpleTerm Gold 5.7.5 – Introduction

SimpleTerm Gold
Advanced Serial Port Monitor for Windows 10,
RS232, COM Port Analyser / Visual Scripter
4.7 rating

What is SimpleTerm Gold?

Simpleterm Gold from Tronisoft Ltd (UK) is the world's No1. advanced, innovative, value for money rs232 analysis, test and control software to help you with your serial port related projects. It is extremely easy to use with a clean, modern, well tested interface formed with the help of our large user base.

Simpleterm GUI

Work with COM ports, serial ports?

Have a project working with serial, RS232, RS485, USB to TTL, Virtual COM port, Bluetooth Virtual COM ports?

Do you need need to monitor, log, test or analyse/debug hardware/software interaction with COM port related devices?

SimpleTerm Gold – Serial Port Monitor will work with the serial / COM ports provided by your operating system. Physically, these ports will be RS232 SUB D9 serial port interfaces in most cases. However, it is also possible to use SimpleTerm for other communication standards such as RS485 and RS422, which have a different electrical design to RS232 but follow the RS232 communication mechanism. Also supported are Virtual COM ports presented by e.g. USB-Serial adaptors & Bluetooth™ Serial Port Profile devices.

Why buy RS232, COM port analysys software? How much is your time worth?
With so many free versions of software "out there" it is easy to think it not worth paying for software that has been professionally designed and worked on for years.

Simpleterm Gold has been professionally developed since 2001 as a high performance native application and does not rely on .NET or other heavy platforms and easily supports Windows XP through to Windows 10 32 and 64-bit. Tronisoft Ltd trading since 2006, continue to develop this innovative serial debugging software to support the expanding user base.

Why the low cost?
With thousands of licences sold, we rely on high volume, low pricing to improve our product rather than high pricing, niche distribution!

We believe you get a higher quality product through many users including hobbyists and students rather than a smaller number of company users. Different editions are tailored for your level of use. You only buy what you think you will need and loyalty discounts for upgrades.

Don't let us tell you this, compare us to the competition with our
free fully functional 30-day trial!

Why is there a free version and a professional version?
Trial version is completely free to work with serial port related projects but longer term we hope you will make use of the macro features and visual scripting to do some clever things with your testing and control applications.

That way you pay for what you need when you need it. We encourage you to use the free version – same solid features and quality.

Professional Edition is designed for Commercial use by technical and engineering users who require a high quality product that can meet their needs and be deployed quickly for use as one of their essential tools in debugging, simulating and monitoring RS232 / RS485 communications.

SimpleTerm Gold is also known as an RS232 Analyzer as it provides superb data viewing and capture features for post analysis. It comes with popular CRC analysis as standard and now with MODBUS (RTU) support.

Last updated June 2021.