I have paid for the software, how do I get my license key?
You need to send us your Hardware ID in order for us to get you a License Key.

Get your key in three simple steps!

1. Please run the SimpleTerm Gold Demo and then go to Menu "Help -> Register / Activate".
Alternatively please use/run this program to get us the hardware ID(s) for the machine(s)
that you would like to license: "http://www.tronisoft.com/download/index.php?file=STHWIDGen.exe"

2. The registration/activation screen shall be displayed with your Hardware Key (Image SA below).
    Please click on the hyperlink   "http://www.tronisoft.com/stgoldkey.php" within the software.
  You will be taken to our website where you'll need to enter your details and your order ID and press send.

3. We will then email you your license key based on the Hardware ID you have provided.
  This is normally within 1 to 5 hours depending on business opening times.

I have received my license key, where do I input it?
Please copy your license key and paste it where it says "Help -> Register/Activate". The software will confirm the license key and will work fully after restarting the program.

How to Obtain and Activate SimpleTerm Gold - Image SA

How to Obtain and Activate SimpleTerm Gold – Image SA


Can I transfer the license to a different machine or user?

Each Licensed Copy of SimpleTerm may be used by a single person who uses the software on one computer only. A separate license must be purchased by each individual user for each machine on which they will run the software. The license may not be transferred to another computer or user.

Can I sell the software to my own customers as a reseller?

Please contact us via email (sales@tronisoft.com) if you would like a reseller setup.
This will allow you to buy in bulk discount prices to resell as a reseller.