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  Simpleterm Starter Simpleterm Standard Simpleterm Gold

Price ex. TAX for w/wide& non UK/Euro:  
Inc VAT for UK and Euro Consumers:

15.98 inc VAT

24.95 inc VAT

35.00 inc VAT

USD/Euro (approx ex. tax price): 18.49 USD
15.49 Euro
28.85 USD
24.18 Euro
41 USD
33.95 Euro

Payment via WorldPay
(from Tronisoft Ltd)



E-mail Support Basic Tech Support 30 days Tech Support Priority Tech Support
Instances (Simultaneous Device Access) / 
Monitor multiple ports
2 4 Unlimited
Macros / Script Items** 30 250 Unlimited
Selection View Pane**
Clickable / Controllable Control Signal Panel
Quick Entry Panel
Colour coded ASCII/Hexadecimal/Mixed
mode data view.

Baud 110 to 3Mbps
(and custom)**

Supports COM1 to COM256.
Powerful fixed/variable length sequence

detector with wildcard support**

Visual Scripting with
Advanced Message Display**


Play sounds on user defined char**

Play sounds via scripting**      
Create loops via scripting**      
Send random chars inline or via script**      
Set test breakpoints via scripting**      
New line on special defined char**
Command line interface / startup**
Drag/drop config or script files**
Wide display format & auto adjust setting**
Calcuate checksums for on-screen or file data**
Log data to file, log data on startup
License Personal / Commercial Use Personal / Commercial Use Personal / Commercial Use
Payments Accepted Credit & Debit Cards, PO Credit & Debit Cards, PO Credit & Debit Cards, PO

**Advanced, unique feature to SimpleTerm Gold! 
Multi User and Company Site Licenses are also available.