What’s New? – History of Changes

Simpleterm Gold (Version 5.7.5, tested upto to Windows 10 32&64-bit)

  • Added Full Windows Font Support
    Allows you to use your desired fonts which are installed in Windows. No longer restricted to a small set of fonts which were fixed in previous versions of SimpleTerm Gold.

  • Added new Macro Application  – Clear Communication Screen via Macro Scripting Features
    Allows you to clear the communication screen by using Scripting / Macro.

  • Added Flash LED Array Example for DACIO 300 and DACIO 303 within the Macro List Examples Creator.
    This allows you to set up a quick LED demo for DACIO300 and DACIO303 within SimpleTerm using Macros

Simpleterm Gold (Version 5.7)

  • Modernised, Clean GUI
    Fresh new look with new icons, text re-organisation and dialog boxes

  • New "Message Display" Window
    Make use of the new Message Display window for enhanced test automation, time stamping support and general user notification use via the Macro List / Scripting feature.

     Message Display

  • New "Message Display" Macro Type
    This uses the "Message Display" window with a collection of useful function subtypes

    Macro Types

  • New in-line Scripting feature
    Powerful in-line functions and expressions can now be embedded inline in the "Send Data" field for the "Send Data Sequence" macro type to create complex sequences or protocol packets that even combine prompted user input and auto calculated CRC checksums. This provides the ability to generate random or sequential test data. This feature can be used in the macro list too for the "Send Data Sequence" macro type.

    Scripting Feature

  • New Macro List Examples Creator
    Busy? Don't know how powerful SimpleTerm Gold is? With so many features in the latest version use the new [+] button in Macro List pane. This is an easy way to quickly create example macros as a starting point for your test scripts or to see how things are done

    Macro Creator

  • "New Line Before Special Char" + Play a Sound System
    Separate data shown within the communications screen based on a pre-configured "special char". You can also action system sounds for audible feedback. See application "Settings->Display Settings

    Play Sound - New Line

  • Macro List Search Facility
    This will help find a specific macro item. The search is case-insensitive within the name and description fields only for easy location of text without too many occurrences being found

    Find Macros

  • Enhanced COM port listing with more information
    See Comms->Find Available COM Ports. No need to go to device manager. Can double click within COM port drop down box to view.